Founder and Creative Director Malanie had a dream, Fresh out of school and straight into a bachelor of fashion and design, she always new that one day she would pursue a career in the fashion world. Whilst she did not harness her qualification immediately what better time than any, smack bang in the middle of a world wide pandemic, crazy right... I agree but 18 months in the making, a lot of hard work, persistence and passion and we are finally launching our first Drop 1.0 of Halfway East and we could not be more excited.

Malanie designs everything in house from sketching & illustration to patterns, measurements and colourway choices and we never compromise on the quality. We are always ensuring we create trend-led products at an affordable price, high durability rating and a product that lasts the distance.

The design Direction at HALFWAY EAST was always to create oversized, comfortable lounge wear suitable for all year round with pieces designed to mix and match and 'something for everyone'. whilst we are not limited to one specific target audience we have created pieces to stay on trend whilst harnessing that comfortable feeling we are all chasing. 


"I can say I am incredibly proud to share with you all my new Range 'Halfway East' which I have undeniably put my everything into and am extremely passionate about. I know you wont be disappointed in the quality or the design pieces we are releasing and what the future holds for 'Halfway East'. Ride the wave with me and I will be forever grateful."


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